Dr. Meg Mueller Nominated for WVMA President-Elect 

Aug 1, 2022 | News, WVMA News

Dr. Meg Mueller, DVM

 Dr. Meg Mueller, of Brackett, Wisconsin, has been nominated for WVMA president-elect. 

A 2010 graduate of the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Mueller practices mixed animal medicine at Osseo-Augusta Veterinary Clinic. She became a clinic partner/owner in January 2021. 

Dr. Mueller currently serves as the district 8 representative and vice chair of the WVMA Executive Board. She believes her experience on the Board makes her an excellent candidate to serve as president-elect. 

“District representation has allowed me an understanding of the WVMA Board structure and leadership,” says Dr. Mueller. “I hope to continue to work on industry challenges and to show Wisconsin veterinarians the value of organized medicine and the strong peer network the WVMA provides.” 

Dr. Mueller sees mental health as the biggest issue currently facing veterinarians, especially post-pandemic. She believes veterinary mental health is a multifaceted problem and will take a concerted effort across the profession to effect change. Having lost both a veterinary classmate and a local practitioner over the past year, she wants members to take advantage of programs like the Veterinary Professional Assistant Program (VPAP) and continue to break the stigma around mental health. 

“Before the pandemic, I never fully realized how important my often-chaotic social calendar was for my mental health and well-being. Leading and participating in Zoom meetings for several organizations and operating a clinic with curbside procedures really took a toll,” says Dr. Mueller. “I will continue to use my creativity, voice and work ethic to keep fighting for a shift in the profession surrounding work-life balance, burnout and mental health.” 

To stay current on issues affecting the veterinary medical profession, Dr. Mueller relies heavily on Facebook forums. Groups like Not One More Vet and the bountiful vet2vet pages available across many species and specialties really help her feel connected and provide another avenue for social interaction. 

“I love scrolling the forums and even other clinic or veterinarian pages and interacting about personal problems and interesting cases,” she says. “Having a ‘hive mind’ just fingertips away with suggestions, ideas and support can be invaluable in those moments when I’m out in the field stumped on a case.” 

Aside from her involvement with the WVMA Executive Board, Dr. Mueller is a past WVMA Veterinary Mastermind Program participant and an active member of the Northwest Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association, of which she is a past president and director. 

Dr. Mueller says she has always made it a mission to give back to the agricultural community that was such an integral part of her upbringing. She volunteers countywide with the junior fair and has an active role in helping with the youth animal projects throughout the year. During the summer, she also works for the Wisconsin Horse Pullers Association.