The Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Foundation
acts as the charitable arm of the WVMA.
Our organization proudly holds 501(c)(3) non-profit status.


To advance animal medical care and
well-being in Wisconsin through support and
development of the veterinary profession.


Rabies, a viral disease, can be spread between animals and from animals to humans. Typically, humans are exposed to rabies through a bite or scratch from a rabid animal. While most owned companion animals are vaccinated for rabies, many veterinarians will handle animals with an unknown history or vaccination status, putting them in contact with animals that may carry the disease. Veterinarians handling livestock and wildlife are also at risk. Wildlife serves as a reservoir for the virus and often interacts with livestock in barns or pastures without a history of vaccination. The rabies pre-exposure prophylaxis vaccination series for humans protects veterinarians from this potentially fatal disease.
WVMF is focusing on increasing access to the pre-exposure prophylaxis rabies vaccination series for veterinary medical professionals in Wisconsin. The Rabies Vaccination Program awards grants to veterinary medical students and personnel to offset the high cost of the two-dose vaccination series.
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The Kindred Companions Memorial Fund allows veterinary hospitals, clinics, and their clients to commemorate and celebrate the lives of pets who have passed on by donating to WVMF in the name of that animal.
By donating $10 or more to WVMF in honor of the family’s pet, hospitals and clinics can provide some small comfort to the families who have lost their beloved animal while supporting the Foundation’s fundraising initiatives.
Upon receiving the donation, WVMF will send a heartfelt, personalized card conveying sympathy for the family’s loss, letting them know a donation has been made in honor of their pet.
Funds raised through this fund will support WVMF initiatives, including the  Rabies Vaccination Program.
The WVMF Board will accept requests for funds from organizations and individuals and award grants based on services provided to enhance the lives of small and large animals, their owners, and the community at large.

Executive Board

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Randy Schuett, DVM – President
Kansas State University Class of 1975
Member of WVMA since 1977
Co-owner of Pewaukee
Veterinary Service
Donelda Goy, DVM – Vice President
The University of Minnesota
SVM Class of 1987

Member of WVMA since 1990
Providing Relief Services
to Veterinary Clinics
Erika Froeming, CVT – Secretary
Clinical Sonographer
COVE Veterinary Outpatient Imaging Center
and SVM Imaging Service
Charles Opitz – Treasurer
Financial Advisor, RICP®
University of Wisconsin Class of 2014
Yvonne Bellay, DVM – Member
Graduated from
The Ohio State University

Member of WVMA since 1977
Animal Welfare Programs Manager/Epidemiologist
Department of Agriculture, Trade
and Consumer Protection
Stephen DiTullio, JD – Member
University of Wisconsin Law School
Class of 1992

Attorney at DeWitt, LLP
Peter Gaveras, DVM – Member
University of Wisconsin
SVM Class of 1987
Member of WVMA since 1990
Keith Poulsen, DVM, PhD, DACVIM – Member
University of Wisconsin Class of 2004
Member of WVMA since 2002
Director of the Wisconsin Veterinary
Diagnostic Laboratory
Natalie Greco, DVM – Member
Kansas State University Class of 2019
Surgical Resident Veterinarian
at Ethos Veterinary Health
Member of WVMA since 2024
Robert Klostermann, DVM – Member
Iowa State University Class of 1978
Member of WMVA since 1978
Prior owner of Middleton
Veterinary Hospital (34 years)
Kamber Cofta – Student Representative
DVM Candidate, Class of 2027
Aaron Goebel, MPH – Student Representative
DVM Candidate, Class of 2025
Rebecca Duke – Student Representative
DVM Candidate, Class of 2026

Previous Initiatives

Custom Canines: Custom Canines supports lasting partnerships between highly skilled service dogs and those with diverse disabilities and impairments, thus greatly enhancing their quality of life.
Patriot K9s of Wisconsin: Patriot K9s provides training for U.S. military veterans and shelter dogs—working together to combat the effects of PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and Military Sexual Incident (MSI).
Second Hand Purrs: Second Hand Purrs is a no-kill cat shelter located in Milwaukee, solely run by volunteers. The small shelter is a sanctuary for abandoned cats and kittens, with a goal to place each animal in a forever home.
Three Gaits, Inc.: Three Gaits provides equine-assisted activities and therapies that enhance the lives of people with physical, emotional, or intellectual challenges.
Wisconsin Large Animal Emergency Response (WLAER): WLAER is dedicated to emergency response and animal control and trains veterinary personnel in technical emergency response involving large animals—primarily horses and cattle.
Heaven’s Helpers Food Pantry & Soup Kitchen: Providing assistance to a veteran to purchase food for a service dog.
Got Your Six K9s: Wisconsin-based non-profit located in the Fox Valley area that trains service dogs to help veterans cope with PTSD and other service-related injuries.
Operational K9 Medical Team of Wisconsin: Provides both education and legislative advocacy for law enforcement, firefighters, emergency medical service personnel, and medical professionals.
Immunity for our Community: Providing funding to help UW SVM students receive Rabies vaccination.

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