Are Non-Compete Agreements Still Enforceable? The FTC’s Proposed Rule Would Say No


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The FTC recently proposed a new rule that would prohibit employers’ use of non-compete agreements throughout the nation. This webinar reviews the likelihood of such a proposed new rule becoming a reality and the growing trend by numerous states to prohibit or significantly limit the use of employment non-compete agreements. Steve speaks about how this affects veterinarians who have signed a non-compete and clinics who have them. He addresses the fact that many non-competes are currently not enforceable in Wisconsin today and provides insights on what you’ll want to do moving forward. Additionally, this webinar discusses the current status of non-compete agreements in Wisconsin and the use of non-solicitation and non-disclosure agreements instead of non-compete agreements by Wisconsin veterinary clinics and hospitals. These issues are addressed, and options are considered in this important and informative webinar.


Stephen A. Ditullio, Attorney
Businesses face an array of federal and state employment laws and regulations that they must comply with in the workplace. Unfortunately, it is a fact of business life that some current employees or former employees will commence employment litigation. Whether it is providing proactive advice on employment law compliance issues or defending businesses in litigation, Steve has successfully worked with businesses throughout the country to help guide them through the many legal issues that arise in the workplace. Clients enjoy the high level of responsiveness and competence that Steve brings to their businesses. He prides himself on the proactive compliance advice which often helps to avoid claims by disgruntled employees. His proactive advice can also assist clients in providing successful defenses for businesses in litigation.