Kitty-Kitty Pain-Pain: New Pain Control for Our Feline Friends


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Hour 1: What's New for Feline Pain Control, and How Should We Use It in Practice?

With new drugs like Zorbium and Solensia becoming available recently, this is a great time to review practical strategies for identifying and managing acute and chronic pain in our feline patients.

Hour 2: A More Reasonable, Manageable Way to Approach Feline Diabetes Mellitus

Feline Diabetes can get pretty scary. If we reevaluate our approach and narrow down the options in front of us, it becomes a much less stressful (and typically more rewarding) disease to tackle in newly diagnosed cats and follow-up appointments.


Gary Marshall, DVM
Dr. Gary Marshall is a Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine graduate. He continues to practice at the feline-exclusive practice he founded on Mercer Island, Washington, in 1996. His special areas of interest are feline geriatrics, client communication, and the training and mentorship of veterinary students and recent graduates. On Instagram, as @it.might.get.weird, he enjoys connecting with other veterinary professionals.