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For Animal Owners

Subcategories from this category: Large Animal, Companion Animal

Anyone who shares their house with a cat, knows the lonely meows that are made when their food dish is not empty, but just empty enough. Many times, it is when you are rushing out the door or are trying to get your full eight hours of sleep. So what do you do? Throw some more food in their dish and go about your business. However, a constantly full food dish may be putting your cat’s health in danger.

According to Dr. Katarina Luther of the Cat Care Clinic in Madison, statistics show 60 percent of cats are obese, and are at risk of serious medical conditions including arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, depression, and more.fat cat

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Dr. B.J. Jones, of Darlington, is one of the veterinarians working to ensure consumers have safe beef on their grill. With over 14,000 beef producers in the state, veterinarians play a key role in the production of safe meat.

"In addition to the four years of veterinary school education, veterinarians attend continuing education seminars each year to further their education and develop new skills," says Dr. Jones.

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It’s official, puppy fever has taken over your household and you’ve decided to add a four-legged family member. But before you rush out to find the closest puppy, there are many things you need to take into consideration.

“When the time is right to get a puppy you first need to see if you have the room, time and finances for the type of dog you want,” says WVMA Member, Dr. Richard Weaver. “Do you live in a small apartment? Do you have a yard for a bigger dog? Do you have the time to enjoy a high energy dog? Do you want a dog that is good with kids? Do you want a long hair or short hair dog? Do you mind a dog that sheds?”puppies

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Fluffy bunnies and fuzzy chicks might seem like a wonderful addition to the Easter holiday, but remember these quaint, cute and cuddly creatures grow up, and grow up fast.

Many Easter pets are abandoned, taken to a shelter or released into the wild because the "novelty" feeling faded or they required more care than anticipated. The Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association encourages potential owners to do their homework before purchasing Easter pets.

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Saint Patrick's Day is known for the fun atmosphere and celebrations, but what might be fun for you may be scary for your pet. Before having your pet join in the festivities on March 17, the Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association (WVMA) wants you to take these safety tips into consideration. Fotolia 78348844 Subscription Monthly M

Pet Costumes
Before dressing your pet up for the holiday, WVMA Member, Dr. Ron Biese advises that it is important for the costume to fit your pet and for them to feel comfortable.

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