Veterinary Mastermind

The WVMA Veterinary Mastermind will reinvigorate like-minded veterinarians by connecting them in small peer groups. The groups are created to generate new ideas, solve challenges and set goals for each individual.

How Will Veterinary Mastermind Work?

The WVMA will create and facilitate the Veterinary Mastermind groups. Dr. Eric Rooker, a WVMA veterinarian and founder of Operators to Owners – a business focused on hosting successful mastermind programs – is the facilitator and program lead.

Hear from Mastermind Facilitator, Dr. Eric Rooker

How Will Veterinary Mastermind Groups Be Formed?

Our Veterinary Mastermind groups will initially be formed with veterinarians who are:

• In the same specialty (large or mixed animal)
• At a similar place in their career (less than 15 years out of school);
• In a similar type of practice; and
• Not in direct competition with other group members.

Each Veterinary Mastermind group will follow this half-day structure:

• Warm-up lesson
• Group discussion on developmental topic
• HOT seat rounds (each member has dedicated time to share a unique challenge or idea)
• Group feedback on each HOT seat topic
• One-on-one time with Dr. Rooker to develop an individual goal with accountability
• Goal sharing by each group member
• Group commitment with solid plan to reconnect

The goal is for the groups to eventually self-facilitate and stay connected into the future.

Upcoming Workshop Dates

November 5-6

March 4-5
June 3-4
August 5-6
November 4-5

March 3-4
June 2-3
August 4-5
November 3-4

How Can I Join a Veterinary Mastermind Group?

The WVMA Veterinary Mastermind program is made possible through a three-year USDA grant focused on large animal veterinarians in practice for 15 years or less. During the grant period, the program is free to those who fit this criteria, apply, are accepted and commit to the entire program. The WVMA is currently accepting applications for the November 2021 group. Please email the WVMA with questions.

While the current USDA grant focuses on large animal veterinarians, the WVMA plans to eventually expand Veterinary Mastermind into other specialties and clinic roles that span multiple stages in one’s career. The goal is to help members connect and grow their careers.