Summer Opportunities

The WVMA is connecting veterinary students to practicing veterinarians and the opportunities available in Wisconsin clinics. Opportunities could range from a week of shadowing to practical experience.

If your clinic is interested in hosting a summer opportunity for one or more students, please click on the link above and fill out the form. We’ll post the results and consistently share them with our students. Additionally, we’ll ask students to fill out a similar form that we will share with interested clinics. Clinics can contact students. Students can contact clinics. We’ll leave the rest up to you.

Remember, If You Aren’t Visible, You’re Invisible

Students talk. A lot. To each other. They gather information online, from professors, from experiences. If they know or hear something about your clinic, they will share it. If they don’t, they won’t. When nothing is known about your clinic, preconceived notions can be made. Create your own impression. Share your own story. Let students share their experience with their peers. One of the people listening – or the person talking – could be your next employee.

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