Try LifeCoach on for Size

Mar 5 | News, WVMA News

By Jo-ell Carson, Executive Director, Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association

Those who choose to work in the veterinary profession are some of life’s biggest cheerleaders. You are often the first to mentor a student. You take time to make sure new staff members feel comfortable asking questions. You coach clients to make the right decision and you encourage patients to be calm, trusting and work past pain or fear.

As I prepared to write this article, it occurred to me, who cheers you on? Who is your sounding board and helps nudge you in the right direction after hearing your fears and concerns? While you may have a wonderful best friend, spouse or significant other… have you ever considered a life coach?

One of our members shared his first experience with trying the LifeCoach service available through the Veterinary Professional Assistance Program (VPAP). He had only had one meeting, but was excited for more. So, I looked further into this untapped, free resource for our Wisconsin veterinary community.

What Is LifeCoach?

LifeCoach is a personalized, holistic coaching program that can help you identify and work toward achieving your personal and professional goals. The idea is it’s your life and your goals—anything and everything is worth discussing.

When you sign up for the program, you are paired with a coach who mentors you and can help with goals including:

• Job satisfaction and career development
• Financial management
• Stress management
• Work-life balance
• Relationships
• Parenting
• Caregiving
• Communication skills
• Life purpose and meaning

LifeCoach is a program through VPAP to support, motivate and encourage you to make and maintain lifestyle changes such as reducing and managing stress, adopting healthy habits, becoming better organized and dealing with financial issues. It’s not a one-and-done situation. It’s a coaching relationship. The coach keeps you moving forward, helps you foresee obstacles, and provides accountability and a plan to meet your goals.

What Are the Time and Financial Commitment for LifeCoach?

The LifeCoach program is free through VPAP to those in the Wisconsin veterinary community and their households. Through the LifeCoach program, you can enjoy an unlimited number of sessions by phone. Given you set the parameters, you work with your coach to develop the time commitment.

Give Back, This Time to Yourself

In the busy world we call life, it’s often difficult to take time for ourselves. For those attracted to the veterinary profession, it
becomes difficult to prioritize your needs above the needs of others. So, call in help. Consider having a life coach—someone who’s sole job is to help keep you on track.

After all, LifeCoach could be the best zero-dollar investment you’ve ever made.

To sign up for LifeCoach, call (866) 440-6556.