The Year of Connectivity

Jan 14 | News, WVMA News

By Jo-ell Carson, Executive Director, Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association

Disconnected. This is a term we have been hearing often since the pandemic began. We hear it, but more than that, we feel it.

In 2022, the WVMA will continue to find creative ways to give you options to safely reconnect.

Bringing Back Reconnect the Vets – Outdoor Only

We heard you. You told us you like the option to gather in person. You feel more comfortable and safer outdoors. You like that outdoor venues minimize the gathering requirements. You like fun locations throughout the state with small panel discussions that allow plenty of time for socializing with peers. You like having the entire staff invited.

Well, you can expect more in 2022. The WVMA will be hosting outdoor-only Reconnect the Vets events during the spring, summer and fall, and we want your input! Watch for emails asking for venue ideas and panel topics. Everything is better with member input.

Connecting Mental Health and Wellness

As we are cognizant of our physical health, we must also protect our mental health. Finding ways to reconnect and remove the feeling of isolation has everything to do with improving the mental health and wellness of our members. But that isn’t enough. We need to do more.

Where do we start? The WVMA will be forming a task force in 2022 to focus on improving the mental health and wellness of the Wisconsin veterinary community. The Veterinary Professional Assistance Program (VPAP) is a great resource and a great first step. What are the next steps? What resources are available? What are short- and long-term opportunities? As we organize a task force, we will tap experts to help guide us on this journey.

Your Online Connectivity

The WVMA Online Learning platform has reached the one-year mark and what a year it was! Members participated in various courses from the comfort of their own homes and expressed that the online option alleviated the stress of travel, allowed for viewing that was convenient for their schedule and gave access to a larger variety of speakers.

You are asking for an easier online experience. Technology upgrades will help the WVMA to deliver on what you need. While you will continue to see new live and on-demand continuing education (CE), we’ll be working in the background to enhance your online experience.

If 2020 and 2021 taught us anything, it’s that members miss connecting. In 2022, the WVMA will continue to find ways to remedy that.