FREE Peer-to-Peer Learning With Veterinary Mastermind

Oct 1 | Livestock, News, WVMA News

Participants in the Veterinary Mastermind groups are fully embracing the opportunity to learn from their peers and grow both personally and professionally. With the November 2021 session already full, we are looking for participants for our 2022 groups.

The Veterinary Mastermind program is designed to reinvigorate like-minded veterinarians by connecting them in small peer groups to generate new ideas, solve challenges and set goals. The intent is for the groups to eventually self-facilitate and stay connected into the future.

Dr. Eric Rooker, a WVMA veterinarian and founder of Operators to Owners – a business focused on hosting successful mastermind programs – is the Veterinary Mastermind facilitator and program lead.

“The amount of peer-to-peer learning I’ve witnessed is something I have not seen since my vet school days when my friends and I studied as a close-knit group in the back-room dungeon,” says Dr. Rooker. “Each session, veterinarians are sharing resources like books, articles, consultants and podcasts that have greatly impacted their lives and have subsequently added value to their Mastermind peers.”

Dr. Rooker believes the success of peer-based learning through Mastermind groups may change the approach of continuing education (CE) in the future.

“Hopefully, gone will be the days of sitting through a CE lecture and then either struggling to implement it or not implementing it at all,” says Dr. Rooker. “Instead, I see a brighter future where we as professionals have crafted a strong peer-based network to facilitate the formulation of novel ideas and creation of actionable change.”

The WVMA Veterinary Mastermind program is made possible through a three-year USDA grant focused on large animal veterinarians. During the grant period, the program is free to those who fit the criteria, apply, are accepted and commit to the entire program.

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