Members Elected to WVMA Executive Board

Jan 4 | News, WVMA News

District 3 – Kolby McIntyre, DVM

Dr. Kolby McIntyre is a 2015 graduate of the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine. He practices at Waupun Veterinary Service, a large animal practice. His focus is largely on milk quality and udder health.

“I am a young vet who is excited about the direction that veterinary medicine is heading,” says Dr. McIntyre. “I believe the future of dairy medicine will be largely consulting and I have some experience navigating the transition between general practice and consultation. I am a member of a large practice that holds regular introspective business planning sessions. These experiences have taught me a lot about reflection and the organization of ideas in a group setting.”

A member of the WVMA since 2011, Dr. McIntyre welcomes the opportunity to serve on the Executive Board. “I am interested in learning more about the issues we face as a profession,” he says. “I am excited to represent dairy medicine within the WVMA because I am passionate about the dairy industry in Wisconsin and the evolving role veterinarians play.”

Dr. McIntyre believes the single most important issue currently facing veterinary medicine is insufficient work-life balance and the consequential negative effects it has on the mental health of veterinarians. “If we don’t change the dogma that veterinary medicine is a way of life, we will continue to see good veterinarians leave the profession, poor mental health among veterinarians, and difficulty attracting and keeping young talented veterinarians in Wisconsin practices,” he says. “We need to create a pathway together to help our profession evolve at a practice level with respect to
this issue. Removing barriers to good mental health will also lead to more opportunities for veterinarians to give back to their communities, experience professional growth, and keep up with evolving standards of care.”

Dr. McIntyre currently resides in Waupun with his wife, Dr. Jackie McIntyre, who also practices at Waupun Veterinary Service. Outside of veterinary medicine, his interests include draft horses, antique tractors and learning about Wisconsin-native trees.

District 4 – Brian Darkow, DVM

Dr. Brian Darkow is a 2011 graduate of the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine. Since graduation, he has been practicing both large
animal and companion animal medicine at Countryside Veterinary Services in Appleton.

A WVMA member since 2007, Dr. Darkow is interested in serving on the Executive Board because he wants to help with the positive progress of veterinary medicine in Wisconsin. He feels that his mixed animal practice experience will help him relate to area practitioners.

Dr. Darkow believes the biggest issue currently facing veterinary medicine is related to COVID-19. “I think the single most important issue currently in veterinary medicine is finding a balance in the pandemic,” he says. “This balance includes providing the best medical care for our patients, serving our clients’ needs, protecting our staff by providing a safe work environment that decreases COVID-19 exposure risk, and attempting to decrease the risk of
compassion fatigue, all while trying to run a successful business.”

In addition to his WVMA membership, Dr. Darkow is involved with the Northeastern Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association, currently serving on the board. Outside of work, Dr. Darkow enjoys spending time in nature hiking, kayaking, mountain biking and camping.

District 6 – Jennifer Rediske, DVM

Dr. Jennifer Rediske graduated from the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2003. After graduation, she began practicing at
Veterinary Associates Hazel Green-Galena where her focuses include bovine embryo transfer, dairy herd health, reproductive ultrasound, cow-calf  medicine, and bovine medicine.

“The desire to become a veterinarian was strong before I was even a teenager. Growing up, I appreciated the Harmony Veterinary Clinic (in Minnesota) as I was able to learn from the DVMs who tended to the livestock on our dairy and swine farm,” says Dr. Rediske. “My first 17 years as a DVM have been enjoyable, fulfilling and challenging, which makes me excited to see what future years will bring.”

A member of the WVMA since 2003, Dr. Rediske welcomes the opportunity to serve as the District 6 representative on the Executive Board. “This is an opportunity to help provide direction within the organization on issues that we face in private practice and to support the advocacy work of the  VMA,” says Dr. Rediske. “We are very fortunate to have the voice we do to help direct policymakers on measures that protect the services that should be provided by licensed professionals.

“As a member of a clinic that hosts a large number of students annually, I hope to bring (to the WVMA Executive Board) the perspective of how we can all work to help mentor young DVMs on practice ownership, debt management and practicing quality, progressive medicine,” she says.

In addition to practicing veterinary medicine, Dr. Rediske works alongside her husband and two children, ages 10 and 7, on their family beef and crop farm. She is active with the Southwest Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association, serves on the Membership Committee of the American Embryo Transfer Association, is a member of the Illinois Beef Association and serves as the council vice president for her church.