VES Moves Forward with Research Campus for Animal-Centered Environments

Feb 27 | Livestock, News, WVMA News

VES broke ground on the Dr. Michael J. Wolf Research Campus for Animal-Centered Environments (ACEs) in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, on January 14. Veterinarians and engineers will develop new, innovative environments at the facility to optimize the health, comfort, welfare and productivity of dairy cows across diverse climates around the world.

The Dr. Wolf Research Campus will be the first phase of a construction project that will include a new company headquarters, an animal welfare demonstration center and a global conference center. Since its founding in 2008, VES has been the global leader in innovating ACEs to optimize cow health and welfare at many of the world’s most successful dairies.

“Consumers today seek meaningful assurances that what they eat and drink is produced ethically,” said John McBride, co-founder and CEO of VES. “VES has thus become an essential partner to dairies seeking to optimize the health and welfare of their cows and workers, in order to satisfy these increasing sustainability demands.”

Dr. Wolf is a graduate of the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine and practices large animal medicine at Country Doctors Veterinary Service in Menomonie, Wisconsin, which he co-founded in 1988. He is a life member of the WVMA and a past member of the WVMA Executive Board. VES is dedicating the research campus to Dr. Wolf out of gratitude and respect for his contributions to the dairy industry and VES.