USDA NVSL Requests Johne’s-Infected Animals and Samples

Nov 18 | Animal Owners, Livestock, News

Source: Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, Division of Animal Health

The Wisconsin Johne’s Disease Control Program has received a request from the USDA National Veterinary Services Laboratory (NVSL) for feces and blood from Johne’s infected animals and a second request from USDA Agriculture Research Service National Centers (ARSNC) for Animal Health for 5-6 cows showing clinical signs of Johne’s disease. Please see specific requests and contacts for each request below.

1. Request for Johne’s-positive feces

USDA NVSL needs fecal material from up to 10 Johne’s infected cows to restock the supply of fecal material for the Johne’s disease proficiency test. If you have animals that have tested positive for Johne’s disease, they may be eligible. Additional testing will be conducted at no charge to the producer to confirm fecal shedding. USDA NVSL pays $300.00 per gallon of fecal material from eligible animals, provides sample supplies, and pays shipping charges.

Any producer interested in this opportunity should contact NVSL directly for details and to make arrangements. Contact Kevin Stokes, PhD at (515) 337-7419 or They are seeking samples as soon as possible.

2. Request for Johne’s-positive cows

Criteria for cow eligibility:

  • 2-6 years old Holstein cows
  • Positive on Johne’s ELISA test (if already run, please send the data)
  • Good to fair body condition score
  • No hip, foot, or udder problems
  • Pregnant animals may be eligible if body condition score is good
  • May be lactating
  • Negative for BLV (testing can be submitted with fecal samples, if status of animal is not known)

Fecal and blood samples for verifying eligibility will be sent to USDA ARSNC. The lab will run fecal PCR, IFN-g test and an antibody ELISA test with the samples that are submitted from the farm. Required samples include a fecal sample, a red serum tube, and a green heparin tube shipped to us at ambient temp. Shipping boxes can be sent to the veterinarian and they can be mailed back through FedEx. Animals need to stay on the farm until results are obtained. This will likely take about 7 days, once the sample arrives at the lab, however, you should take measures to minimize the risk of spreading the disease. Any Johne’s positive animals that are shipped from Wisconsin to another state will need to do so under a VS1-27 and have state and federal approval prior to shipping. The sale price of the animal can be negotiated with ARSNC.

Anyone interested in this opportunity should contact ARSNC directly for details and to make arrangements. Contact Denise Chapman at (515) 337 -7227 or They are seeking animals as soon as possible.

If you have specific questions about these requests, contact the individuals listed above. For any additional questions, contact the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection at (608) 224-4891.

More information about the Wisconsin Johne’s Disease Control Program is available at