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For Animal Owners

Subcategories from this category: Large Animal, Companion Animal

Sit, stay, and lay down. These common commands may seem pretty simple to teach your new puppy, but with the help of a professional dog trainer, you can take your pet's skills to the next level.

Dog training"Owners will learn the critical part about living with a dog: how to read a dog's body language," says Dr. Karen Selbert member of the Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association (WVMA).

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Rubber boots, green overalls and the ability to treat anything from a hamster to a cow may not be the images that come to mind when you think about the people who help produce beef, but veterinarians have long been working with farmers to put this protein on your plate.

"Veterinarians and beef farmers work together to keep the herd efficient and as profitable as possible," says Dr. Amy Robinson, member of the Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association (WVMA) and mixed animal veterinarian at Military Ridge Veterinary Service.

Through the changes the world has seen and undergone since the founding of the WVMA in 1915, this relationship has stayed the same while adjusting to modern times.

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Bringing a new four legged family member into your home can be one of the greatest joys in a person's life, but member veterinarians of the Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association (WVMA) want prospective dog owners to know what they are getting into before bringing the new member home.

Homework dog"Many people buy puppies quickly, but soon find out it wasn't what they were expecting," says Dr. Yvonne Bellay, WVMA member veterinarian and the animal welfare programs manager and epidemiologist with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP).

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Twice daily teeth brushing has become a part of the daily routine for many people, but what you may not realize is that your pet needs regular dental attention too.

"Daily teeth brushing is still the gold standard of dental home care that owners can easily provide for their pets," Dr. Dale Kressin, WVMA member and owner of Animal Dentistry and Oral Surgery Specialists, LLC.

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Scientists have noticed the similarity between diseases in animals and humans since the 1800's. It was during this time that Rudolph Virchow, a German physician, coined the term zoonosis and famously said, "Between animal and human medicine there are no dividing lines – nor should there be. The object is different but the experience obtained constitutes the basis of all medicine."

Dr. Jim Kazmierczak, Wisconsin State Public Health Veterinarian and member of the Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association (WVMA), has seen the veterinarian's role in public health grow tremendously since he was a veterinary medical student during the 1970s.

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