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WVMA Committees

Veterinary Technician Advisory

Explores how CVTs can be fully utilized for the purpose of enhancing the economics of the practice while benefiting animal and human health and how the WVMA and this committee can enhance programs teaching CVTs.

Jane A. Clark, DVM
Holly J. Kallio, DVM
Kimberly C. Krause, DVM
Kelly A. Mowell, DVM
Ann T. Sosalla, DVM
Mark A. Thompson, DVM (Chair)
James A. Topel, CVT

Public Health and Food Safety

Assists WVMA to be prepared to protect public health and be able to respond effectively to animal health issues and management by making the public confident in the veterinarian’s role in animal health and public safety issues.

Scott Aoki, DVM
Charles J. Czuprynski, PhD
Michael T. Dutcher, DVM
Robert G. Ehlenfeldt, DVM
Guy D. Jodarski, DVM
James J. Kazmierczak, DVM
Rachel F. Klos, DVM
Thomas St. Clair McKenna, DVM, PhD
Christopher W. Olsen, DVM, PhD
Kristi L. Orchard, DVM
Keith P. Poulsen, DVM, DACVIM
Lindley M. Reilly (UW Student Representative)
Valerie Ujazdowski (UW Student Representative)
Peter Vanderloo, DVM (Chair)
Michael J. Wolf, DVM

Public Education and Marketing

Provides the public with information to increase its awareness and use of veterinary medical services throughout the state of Wisconsin while increasing economic opportunities for veterinarians.

Stacey M. Adams, DVM
Thomas Bach, DVM
Laurence E. Baumann, DVM
Rebecca Lynn Brotzman, DVM (Chair)
Jessica M. Daul, DVM
Andrew L. Koenitzer (UW Student Representative)
Kimberly Ann Kratt, DVM
Susan B. Krebsbach, DVM
Mike T. Nicholson, DVM
Kari M. Severson, DVM
Linda Sullivan, DVM
Jordy Lynn Waller, DVM

Professional Education

Responsible for continuing education (CE) content in WVMA hosted events.

Thomas Bach, DVM
Terry J. Beebe, DVM
Ryan Todd Frazier, CVT (WVTA Representative)
Marthina L. Greer, DVM
Joshua C. Heise (UW Student Representative)
Bruce Ryan Jens, DVM
Cheryl M. Kraft, DVM
Edward W. Loebach, DVM
Garrett R. Oetzel, DVM, MS
Dean H. Peterson, DVM
Kasen K. Riemersma (UW Student Representative)
Amy B. Robinson, DVM
Lyn Schuh, CVT (WVPMA Representative)
Christopher J. Snyder, DVM, DAVDC (Chair)
Robert J. Zukowski, DVM


Reviews the performance, compensation and duties for the executive director and makes recommendations to the executive board. Also reviews the executive director’s evaluations of other WVMA staff and makes recommendations.

John T. Been, DVM
K.C. Brooks, DVM, DABVP
Steven L. Erickson, DVM (Chair)
Robert J. Klostermann, DVM

Nominating and Procedural

Reviews SOP and by-laws and gives recommendations to the executive board. Selects member candidates to run for the president-elect position as well as candidates for the AVMA House of Delegate and alternate delegate positions.

Steven L. Erickson, DVM
Philip C. Johnson, DVM
Douglas D. Kratt, DVM (Chair)
Ann Sherwood Zieser, DVM

Membership and Member Services

Responsible for developing membership recruitment activities, membership retention strategies and prospective member services.

Jennifer L. Brase, DVM
William T. Carlisle, DVM
Michael JW Dobbert (UW Student Representative)
Erika K. Doescher, DVM
Kimberly Ann Kratt, DVM
Claire A. Lidester (UW Student Representative)
Alan B. Lippart, DVM
Lisa Joy Peters, DVM (Chair)
Robert L. Wright, DVM


Maintains liaison with legislature and regulatory agencies and keeps the executive board advised on legislative matters deserving WVMA attention.

Sheryl Lea Allen (UW Student Representative)
Carra Johnson, CVT (WVTA Representative)
Melissa Marie Beyer (UW Student Representative)
Robert Joseph Blohowiak, DVM
Melissa Cheeks, DVM
Jennifer M. Dreyfus, DVM
Scot A. Hodkiewicz, DVM
Zachary J. Janssen, DVM
Kenneth J. Lambrecht, DVM
Jordan Lamb (Legislative Council)
Daniel L. Oberschlake, DVM (Chair)
Pedro L. Rivera, DVM, FACFN
James Ziegler, DVM


Handles complaints from the public and mediates disputes between members.

William T. Carlisle, DVM
David Tifft Edinger, DVM, DACVS
Peter J. Gaveras, DVM
Emily S. Leuthner, DVM, DACVIM
James W. Stevenson, DVM (Chair)


Responsible for making time-sensitive decisions between executive board meetings.

John T. Been, DVM
K.C. Brooks, DVM, DABVP
Kim Brown Pokorny
Steven L. Erickson, DVM
Robert J. Klostermann, DVM

Budget and Auditing

Recommends allocations for the next year’s budget and reviews financial statements.

John T. Been, DVM
Thomas H. Howard, DVM (Treasurer)
Joseph E. Kelley, DVM
Ross A. Maurer, DVM (Chair)
Gregg W. Stephan, DVM

Awards and Recognition

Receives nominations and nominates recipients for Meritorious Service Award, Friend of Veterinary Medicine Award, Veterinarian of the Year and other recognitions.

Jennifer M. Cyborski, DVM
Thomas P. Filla, DVM
Christine C. Fortin, DVM
Mona M. Hodkiewicz, DVM
Alan B. Lippart, DVM
Michael R. Rosek, DVM
Thomas H. Whitten, DVM
Charlene L. Yaunke, DVM
James N. Zoet, DVM
Dale J. Kressin, DVM, FAVD, DAVDC

Animal Welfare

Provides leadership in helping the WVMA lead the animal welfare discussion with the Wisconsin public by positioning the WVMA to become the major information source and advocate for animal welfare issues, developing and reviewing WVMA and AVMA positions on animal welfare and recommending policy change to the executive board.

Yvonne M. Bellay, DVM, MS
Jane A. Clark, DVM
Lisa H. Kluslow, DVM
Alan B. Lippart, DVM
Frederick G. Lord, DVM
Dilshad K. Malhi (UW Student Representative)
Pam McCloud-Smith
Thomas W. Myers, DVM (Chair)
Kitt Rhiner (UW Student Representative)

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