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Affordable Health Care Act Resources for Veterinarians

WVMA Member Veterinarian:

With many unanswered questions about the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare), the WVMA has assembled a number of credible resources to help you navigate through the ACA and what is required.

October 1! All employers must notify their employees on whether or not you will be offering health insurance by October 1. The following link will provide you with letter templates to meet this requirement. ALL EMPLOYERS need to meet the October 1, 2013 deadline!

Link to employee notification resources:

To better understand the Affordable Health Care Act, watch the following video developed by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Consider sharing this video with your employees.

Here is a youtube video explaining the Affordable Health Care Act:

WVMA Valued Partner, Professional Insurance Programs (PIP), has created an educational webinar for the WVMA membership. The webinar will walk you through the decision making processes to help determine your needs, coverage and to answer commonly asked questions.

A WVMA member webinar is below. 

To supplement the webinar, the following powerpoint provides you with some decision making trees and flow charts to help you navigate the requirements. Click here to view the presentation.

Additional resources:

Health Care Reform Resources

Kaiser Family Foundation 

Insurance calculator

Do I Have to Purchase my Health Insurance on the Exchange?

OCI Estimates Premium Increases

ACA Affect in HIRSP Insurance Participants


Professional Insurance Programs


Pet Microchip Lookup Tool


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